Who are APH Building?

APH Building are Builders just like you. We have over 25 years’ experience in Residential Construction , across all types of projects.

We understand the day to day challenges of the Building Industry and have partnered with thousands of Builders and Trades across NSW to assist them deliver their projects.


I have work with the guys from APH Building on 3 projects now. From the initial phone call they made the process simple . I would highly recommend them as a BCRP provider.

Thank you to team at APH. You explained and helped me through the process without fuss.

I Appreciate your help.


BCRP Overview

BCRP Overview

The building contract review program (BCRP) is designed to help builders take on new or larger, more complex projects, by partnering Builders with a BCRP provider.

If you’re a residential builder, you may be required to participate in the BCRP as a condition of obtaining eligibility with the ICare HBCF.

If you’ve already been assessed as eligible but you would like to change your eligibility profile, the BCRP may help you develop the skills and experience required to take on larger and more complex residential building projects.

The BCRP assists new entrants to the building industry, as well as existing small to medium builders without demonstrated experience for proposed projects.

BCRP Services

As a BCRP Service Provider, APH Building is responsible for reviewing your ability to quote and deliver a particular type of project. Once you partner with APH Building we will complete the following—

  • Request documentation regarding the upcoming project.
  • Once received , APH Building will review contract documents for the project to ensure that you provide a detailed budget that includes a gross margin that is reasonable for the project.
  • Determine a schedule of performance reviews, including site/video inspections, to ensure your supervision and contract administration is appropriate.
  • Make sure the project is running to budget and the contracted completion date.
  • Undertake reviews and report on the progress and your competence relating to specific areas that have been reviewed.
Please note that it is not the role of the BCRP Service Provider to ensure that you’re compliant with building standards however, copies of certifications may be requested as part of our performance review process.


APH Building will provide a fixed price quote within 1 business day of a quote request form being submitted and will be based on the nature of the project, the contract value and the location. Generally services are provided at a rate of $135 per hour.

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Service Standards

Below are the service level standards that APH Building aim to meet or exceed.

Service Service Level Target
Submitting a quote after receiving a fully completed Request for Quote 1 Day
Registering a new job from receiving a signed Builders Agreement 1 Day
Completing a Component 1, 2, 3 review and report from receiving all relevant documents 3 days
Completing a Component 4 inspection after receiving notification 2 Days
Completing a Component 4 report after receiving the notification 1 Day
Completing a Component 5 report after the final inspection 7 Days
Advising the relevant parties if there is any missing information required to complete a BCRP service 1 Day
Advising of any delays in completing the BCRP service 1 Day
Notifying the relevant parties if the requirements of Component 1, 2, 3 have not been met 7 Days
Notifying the relevant parties if the Builder has already commenced work Immediately
Reporting any concerns regarding the Builders ability to complete existing projects or take on new work 1 Day


APH Building pride ourselves on provide quality BCRP service at a reasonable price. However If at any time we do not meet your expectations we have the following complaints procedure:

• Submit your complaint by calling 0407 375 906 or emailing admin@aphbuilding.com.au • Your complaint will be acknowledged within 1 business day • APH Building management will review your complaint within 2 days • A response to your complaint will be provided within 4 business days

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, you can escalate the matter to icare in line with the attached BCRP Complaint & Dispute Handling Procedure. Link

Additional Info

For additional information, please refer to the icare website on www.icare.nsw.gov.au